Friday, January 25, 2013

17 (or so) weeks

Hello 17ish weeks! I say "ish" for a reason. I had a dr appt yesterday and the doctor was feeling where my uterus is, and it is closer to my belly button than it should be at 17 weeks, so there is a possibility that I am ahead of what they originally measured. I will know when I have my ultrasound at 22 weeks. We've been wondering all along if I was ahead because I seem to hit pregnancy "milestones" earlier than I should, for example: my belly showing, and feeling the baby moving (more on that later), etc. The appointment went really well! The doctor was happy with my weight gain so far (so weird to say that! I never feel weight gain is good, so it is nice that a doctor thinks it is good!). The nurse was trying to get the heartbeat on the monitor, but Charlie was moving around like crazy! Just when the nurse would get it, Charlie would move to a new spot and the nurse would have to hunt it down. She eventually gave up, but said the heartbeat sounded great.  We got the Quad Screen results back and all is normal! YAY! I was nervous about this one, but I wanted the test so that I knew how to prepare for my little one to enter the world. I was very glad the results came back A-OK!

How far along: 17 (ish) weeks
Total weight gain: 6 lbs total, although I had to pee pretty badly when they weighed me, so I am going to say 5 lbs, haha. 
Maternity clothes: Oh yes, and I finally found a comfortable pair of maternity jeans. :)
Stretch marks: Same as before... Nothing really, except old ones from when I weighed more before I lost weight.
Sleep: No longer on my stomach, but it is getting better for now. I don't have to get up all the time to pee right now, which is a blessing. :) I was sick this week, though, so I could barely breath and woke up because of that. I ended up sleeping on 3 pillows. 
Best moment of this week: Getting kicked. :) It isn't all of the time. The movement has changed from a flutter so I don't feel it as much anymore, but now is when I will start to feel the kicks. I was bending over to pick something up and was kicked. I stood straight up, so surprised, and then spent the rest of the night bending over trying to get it to happen again. No such luck... but it did happen again a few days later at school, again when I was bending over to pick something up, and it just happened a few minutes ago! What a neat feeling!
Miss anything: The same: Wine... sigh... and running (I try to do it, but it is so difficult). Jeff has been brewing his own beer and I want to try it so badly, especially this latest batch, which is chocolate peanut butter porter, and chocolate oatmeal stout. Oh well... they are saving it for me for when I can drink again. :)
Movement: See "best moment of this week". :)
Food cravings: Still FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT, all of the time. Yum! Nothing else really, but I am hungry all of the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still meat and random smells, but overall the queasiness has gone. The sneezing is back, though that may be related to my cold too, and I get queasy just before I sneeze, and then I sneeze and the queasiness disappears. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender: Still not finding out! :) 
Labor signs: Too early! I better not feel them for a while!
Belly button in or out: In, but it is harder underneath it now. :)
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but with mood swings. I can totally feel when I am moody too!
Looking forward to: Registering, which I guess I should consider doing soon, and picking out a daycare place, because that is starting to make me panic! 

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