Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicken and Brown Rice

Tonight we made chicken breast with whole grain bread crumb and Parmesan cheese breading. We also made brown rice in our rice cooker, as well as sauteed broccoli and mushrooms in a homemade sauce which didn't work out so good. I would definitely do the breading on the chicken again and we really loved the brown rice! No real recipes to share since it was just the rice and the breading and cheese on the chicken and then we baked the chicken.

Tomorrow I am hoping we are having oatmeal banana pancakes, but we will see.

I had a snow/ice day today. I did nothing. I really wanted to go for a run, but because it was so icy I just didn't feel comfortable. If we have off again tomorrow I may go out in the afternoon depending on the roads.

I also may be starting Zumba for my cross training! I can't wait! It won't be until March, but it sounds like it will be fun!

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