Sunday, October 31, 2010

Second 5K

I ran my 2nd 5K yesterday! It was the Hershey Halloween Hustle and I ran with my friend, Steph. I was sick the whole week leading up to the run, so I didn't get to get in my normal runs like usual, but I feel like I still did pretty good, all things considered. It was a COLD morning (30's), but it wasn't too bad of a race. The whole first half was up a hill, but it was beautiful. It was on a paved trail through the woods, next to a stream. We had to walk for a tiny bit, but for the whole run we maybe walked .1 of the whole 3.1 miles. If the first half was up hill, that meant the 2nd half was downhill! It was a GREAT second half. We were nice and warmed up and it was a beautiful run. We didn't beat our time from last time, which we were disappointed about, but we still are proud with how we ran. I am really looking forward to my next one, which is Thanksgiving morning!Here we are at the start. See the kid in the blue shirt behind us? He beat us. HAHA!
Coming up to the finish!

Jeff tried to be creative and get just me running in the picture.


I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR! Haha!

Aww! :) I'm so glad Jeff was able to come watch this one! He was excited to see me run.

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