Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've been a bad blogger!

My only excuse is that I've been crazy busy, but I come with a peace offering... pictures from my FIRST 5K!

Yesterday I ran my first 5K. Honestly, it wasn't my best run ever. Wednesday I ran 4 miles without walking once. And I felt like I could have gone more. Yesterday's 5K I had to stop and walk a couple of times. I was so mad. I can do it and I can't believe that I had to walk. I came in at 40:32. My goal was to come in around 40 or less and run the whole thing. I did the 40 part, but the running was disappointing. But I still ran pretty much all but .25 miles of the race, so I need to be proud of myself because in March I couldn't run 60 SECONDS without dying.
So here are some pictures!:

My brother in law is on the left, I am in the middle and my friend Steph is on the right. This was also Steph's first 5K and she did great! If it weren't for me, we probably would have ran the whole thing!

Here we go!

Action shot! This was not quite a mile in and already I was suffering. The whole race was up and down hills. The hills were TERRIBLE! I run a lot of hills around my neighborhood, but I also run down hills too. It seemed like this race was purposeful having us turn and run up another hill instead of down the hill. It was rough!

Here we come to the finish!

Here we are! Finished and tired!

We decided to go out and celebrate at an awesome crepe restaurant. YUMM! The guy in red is Steph's fiance, Craig, who was my husband's roommate in college and then Craig, Jeff and I rented an apartment together.

When we were freshened up and changed (and after we said goodbye to my brother-in-law) we went to a corn maze and pumpkin picking patch.

Inside the maze we had to find letters that spelled out TRACTOR MAC. We found all of them and got a free piece of fruit!

AND we made it out of the maze alive! :)
We grabbed a wagon and our free apples and went pumpkin picking.
Look at all of those pumpkins! We got 5 and our friends got 6 pumpkins.

What a fun fall day! We headed home and had stuffed chicken breasts and mashed potatoes and corn for dinner! YUM! It was overall a great day and I am proud I did my first 5K! I can't wait to do more and show myself that I can do better!

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