Sunday, June 8, 2008

We are IN!

We are in our house!!! We moved in yesterday. My dad rented a big truck and he pulled up at 8am. My dad, my grandfather, one of the student workers at my dad's office, Jeff's parents, two of Jeff's uncles, our friend Craig, and my mom's good friend and her husband (both of whom met us at the house when we got there) all helped us! We had the apartment emptied by 9:30am. We had the truck unloaded by noon! We got pizza for everyone, and Jeff's mom also made bbq (sloppy joes). I made sure to have a TON of drinks, since it was in the 90's!

Jeff and I were here a lot this week doing stuff around the house to get it ready for move-in. We still have some stuff to do but we have time to do it. The office, guest bedroom, and master are all painted. The dining room and kitchen need painted yet, and so does all of the trim. I am hoping to start on the painting next week. This week filled up too fast for me to do it, although I might be able to convince my husband to do some of it. We also need to go get some bedroom furniture.

This week I start a new class (one of my classes ended Thursday!). I also finish a class, so I have a test and a project due this week that I will need to spend some evenings on. I also have to go to a training on Wednesday and Friday. Ugh. Next week will be nice. I really was looking forward to an easier week this week, but then the trainings were thrown in there. I will also need to go to the apartment and clean it and shampoo the carpets. I will be doing that tomorrow and Thursday. I can't wait for this week to be over!

Tonight is my first night alone in the new house. I don't know how well I'll sleep. Jeff was with me last night and it was nice, but tonight he is working so it will be interesting sleeping in this house by myself. I hope I don't freak out!

I'll post pictures of the house as soon as we finish all, or most of the painting and as soon as we have our bedroom furniture.

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