Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun! And some not so fun news...

Ok, I'll start out with the fun news first... there is a blog (click here to go to The Bragging Mommy giveaway)giving away a really cool teacher tool and I want it! So I will shamelessly post about it on here for 2 more entries because I think this is a really cool math teaching tool! I struggled in math growing up, so as I teacher I want to make sure I am reaching all of my students in math, not just the ones who understand the concepts right away, and this tool, called the Zillio math mountain, will help with this! Check it out! It will make you want one, even just for your kids at home!

On not so fun news... many of you know I am looking for a job. I had an interview with a school I used to work in waayy back when I started in education, when I was working in the special ed field as a paraeducator. Well, I was called this past Tuesday and told I was being recommended to teach 1st grade (perfect huh? Since I just finished teaching 1st grade and LOVED it!). The offer would come from the superintendent and we were just waiting on a meeting date with him. I was told he rarely turns down a recommendation, so the job was all but mine. I got a call Thursday, and I was expecting it to be the meeting time. Instead... it was the principal telling me she had bad news. He turned down the recommendation because he didn't want to pay me as much as I would have to be paid because of having a post-bacc certification (you go in at a higher rate than someone with a bachelor's). I offered to go in at a lower rate or not finish my master's and it didn't make a difference. He didn't want to pay me so much (and I'm sure there were union issues with going in at a lower rate). So I lost my dream job. Everyone says that just means there is an even better job out there for me. I just hope they are right because I don't want to sub the rest of my life. I want my own classroom and I want to teach. I told my principal, it isn't about the money to me... I want to teach.

So please keep me in your prayers that a job will open for me before the 2010-2011 school year!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I am so sorry. I had this same issue when I was looking for a teaching job last year... I went on almost 15 interviews before being hired by a district that wasn't too concerned about money (then). Just keep looking!

Literacy Teacher said...

Reading your blog and I can so relate to your frustration. The teaching market is flooded here. I was subbing for a long, long time. There were a lot of layoffs here, so many teachers are job hunting. I wish you well and that job will come!