Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok, I am going to start off with a warning... please don't judge my kitchen yet! It is still a major work in progress! Ignore the dirty dishes in the sink, ignore the hideous floors, mess on the counters, etc. If you have a problem with any of it you are more than welcome to come take care of it yourself. :)

Now for the fun part! The pictures! The next two pictures are from the listing. They are decorated with the previous owners stuff. Now, let me tell you... they have no taste. EVERYTHING was the same color. The paint on the wall was a dark color with a lighter color sponge painted over it. The trim was the same color, the counters were the same color, and the floors were (still are) very dark. This kitchen doesn't get a lot of natural light so with the dark cabinets (which I do love) and then the dark paint, floors, counters, this kitchen was very, very depressing (as was the rest of the house which we have also painted!). There are also original built in cabinets that were painted the same color as the walls. A few weeks ago we painted them to match the cherry wood cabinets a little better. It looks much better (although the picture I have later doesn't really show that).

The nook was where we kept our dogs' crate. Being that they are Houdini dogs (I will post about that later) they were able to get their heads out and chew on the benches. Its ok... they were ugly from the start. So what did we do???...

One of the benches had something written on the back: "Porkinger Breakfast Nook". I am going to look it up.Here is the nook with the benches torn out!

Here is the nook painted and waiting for wanescoating!Here is Jeffery cutting the wanescoating!

And here is the wanescoating in and finished!!! :) I love it!!! It was so hard to put in though and I will never ever put wanescoating up in this house again. I wouldn't mind doing it in a house with walls that are drywall, but not in a house that has plaster walls, especially plaster walls that aren't straight. But it is done and I love how it turned out!

The wall color for the whole kitchen is Translucent Cream by Valspar, and the white trim is White Dove by Valspar. (It is a lot brighter in person! I took these pictures at night and our kitchen doesn't get great lighting).

Below is a picture of the built in cabinets I told you about painted to match (as best as possible) the real wood cabinets. It is close enough. Please ignore the radiators. They will have covers (the one already does, but the cover was still drying).

The floors and countertops are next. The floors will be a light tan and so will the counters. We are hopefully ordering them this weekend. And we will be buying a table and chairs for in the nook.

So that is why I've been nonexistent. I've been working! :)

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Melissa said...

I think it looks really great!!! That little nook is so adorable and the paint on the built-ins looks like it matches the new cabinets perfectly! Nice work and I can't wait to see the rest.