Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because I like to procrastinate

Ok so I was tagged to do this by Abby! I'll give it a whirl.

The rules are to tag 7 people and then post 10 random things about yourself. Well, I don't know if I know of 7 people to tag, especially since a bunch of them have already been tagged, so I'll tag a few. But here are the 10 random things:

10. I have been craving pastries lately, like danishes and turnovers.
9. There is a crepe restaurant in Lancaster that I *LOVE* and my mom and I like to go there together.
8. I bought a new vacuum yesterday and for the first time in my life I enjoyed vacuuming. We'll see what happens when the novelty of a new vacuum wears off.
7. My car DESPERATELY needs a car wash.
6. We keep our heat set at 60 degrees. It is rewarding to know that since we were willing to cover up with a blanket, we have lower heating bills.
5. I am a TERRIBLE test taker and it seems like in order to finish my post-bacc cert and master's I have to take a gazillion tests, even though my major prides itself on thinking of ways to assess without giving too many tests. :/ Yea right.
4. I love decorating with stars!
3. I love buying new books. To me it is even better than buying new clothes.
2. I love to decorate with dark woods.
1. My husband and I played Mariokart today and yesterday and usually come in first and second when we are playing. We are just that good. ;)

Ok I am going to tag:
Marialena, and Erin

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VMGETL said...

Awww you're the best! Thanks Ab!